Energy Efficient Window Treatment Ideas

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Hiring the right window treatment professional depends on the actual purpose. If you are looking for enhancing the energy efficiency you would find a lot of businesses that offer window treatment services for Box Sash Windows in London.

Here are some of the treatment ideas for improving energy efficiency:

  1. Internal and external blinds:

Blinds are pretty useful especially during the warm summer days. These can help prevent your home from getting excessively hot. You can choose from internal blinds and external blinds. These differ in the materials mainly because the external blinds would have to withstand external conditions.

  1. Awnings:

The size of awning chosen can determine the amount of shielding it offers. These are great to reduce the summer heat gain. They can be made of different materials including canvas, metal and more. The color of awning chosen determines the amount of light it reflects.

  1. Shades:

Shades chosen and installed perfectly go a long way in saving energy. Remember to install them close to the glass pane for them to be effective. No matter what the orientation of your window is you can choose to install a shade. Color, material etc., can be chosen aptly to reduce heat gain and heat loss.

  1. Reflecting films:

Reflecting films are useful in summers. They reflect the heat and thus prevent heating up of the interiors. There are several options to choose from. If your summers are not too bright and sunny you can choose decorative colorful films. But mirror finish high-reflective films are the most efficient for the warmest places. These also look great on the outdoors as they can add a sleek look to any style of architecture. But these can reduce the natural lighting allowed by the window.

The climate in your region, the location of the window and several other factors would help you choose the best treatment method.